Optotec Group – our trusted partner

Kailamed’s trusted partner in the product development of Klaimber Person Lifting Chair is Optotec Group Oy, an engineering company founded in 2010 that offers versatile product development services. Currently, Optotec employs 14 people with a turnover of 1.4 million euros.

During our 5 years of business, Kailamed has used Optotec’s core services, such as mechanical design and product development, computer-aided engineering, technical documentation, consulting, as well as component manufacturing and procurement. In product development, Optotec works in seamless cooperation with both us and our contract manufacturer MBL. MBL, on the other hand, is Europe’s leading manufacturer of assistive products. Even though Optotec’s office is located in Oulu just like Kailamed’s, the services and operations are not tied to location. Optotec is also able to serve customers internationally.

Delivering high-quality work that meets customer requirements is a matter of pride for Optotec, and this commitment is supported by the Optotec Quality Manual, which guides all their operations. The Quality Manual defines the key principles by which Optotec ensures the realization of high Optotec Quality and customer orientation in all client projects. Optotec’s strong know-how and all the projects they have executed with a high level of professionalism and quality are the key to Optotec’s long-term prosperous customer relationships. Kailamed s happy to be one of them.

Customer orientation and focus on quality are common values of both Optotec and Kailamed, which has created a natural basis for our continued cooperation. The results of the cooperation can be seen in Kailamed’s products: Klaimber Person Lifting Chair and our soon-to-be-announced new product.

Get to know our partner’s activities and comprehensive service offering on the Optotec Group website.