Klaimber granted a patent in Japan

An innovative, electric-free lifting method developed by Kailamed has been granted a patent in Japan. The method utilizes a light rocking motion to generate the force necessary for getting a person up from the floor, which can be performed by the user themselves. The method is used in the Klaimber lifting chair, which is an always-ready assistive device.

The patent protects the uniqueness of the product in the Japanese market and is a significant addition to Kailamed’s growing IPR portfolio. Kailamed believes that the patent will increase interest in the product from Japanese partners and reduce the risk of introducing a new product to the market.

Japan is an important market for Kailamed. Demographically, Japan is similar to Klaimber’s home market, with an aging population. Additionally, Japan is a densely populated country where homes are often small, and it makes sense to use living space efficiently. As an assistive device, Klaimber does not take up extra space because its award-winning design makes it part of the decor. When not used as an assistive device, it functions as a regular chair and can fit in even small homes.

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