Kailamed has been granted a patent in China

The person lifting method developed by Kailamed has been granted a Chinese patent by CNIPA, China National Intellectual Property Admistration. With our method, the power needed for lifting a person is generated by a light swinging motion, which the lifted person can perform by themselves. The method is used in Kailamed’s Klaimber person lifting chair – with Klaimber, the chair’s user can get up from the floor on their own. The method makes Klaimber an independent, standalone assistive product, which does not need electricity to function. That is why Klaimber works in nearly all circumstances where lifting help is needed.

The protection provided by the patent secures Klaimber’s retail in China and the product’s position on the significant Chinese market. Kailamed believes the patent will increase the interest of potential Chinese partners in the product and lower local retailers’ threshold to include the new product in their product range. Kailamed also sees opportunities in licensing the patented method for different purposes and applications. The patent is a notable reinforcement to Kailamed’s IPR portfolio.

See Klaimber in operation: klaimber.com

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Information about IPR in China:
CNIPA, China National Intellectual Property Admistration