Klaimber electric


Klaimber electric is a new mains powered version of our person lifting chair. The seat moves down – and also lifts up – steadily and safely by pressing a button on the handheld controller.

Not only does Klaimber electric help you get up from the floor, it also moves you gently down to the floor from a wheelchair, for example, without the need for an assistant. This opens up a world of new possibilities for activities and independent living, even when your physical abilities are limited or your mobility is impaired.

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The mains powered new Klaimber is practically silent in operation and very pleasant to use. Klaimber electric is also an excellent patient lift for healthcare work. It can be moved on its wheels and requires no assembly or setup: all you need to do is to plug it in a power outlet.

Because Klaimber electric also functions as a chair, it requires no extra space. It is a well-designed utility and at the same time a piece of furniture for any space or room.

Klaimber electric, User Guide
Klaimber electric, Gebruiksaanwijzing
Klaimber electric, Bruksanvisning
Klaimber electric, Käyttöohje


On the video, paralympic medalist Henry Manni ( uses Klaimber to get up from the floor to a wheelchair and move down to the floor from a wheelchair.



Our mechanical Klaimber works without electricity, it is always ready for use and can also be operated without assistance. Getting up with mechanical Klaimber happens with a sideways swinging motion, tilting the center of gravity of your upper body left and right.

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The confidence of being able to get up in different situations enables new everyday activities and more independent living. It brings peace of mind into everyday life, knowing you can get up from the floor even if your physical abilities are weakened or limited.

See how mechanical Klaimber's patented innovation works in action.

Who is Klaimber® for?

Mechanical Klaimber is suitable for people who can sit unsupported, control their body’s sideways swinging motion and are able to move onto the chair. Klaimber electric does not require the sideways swing. You can try out Klaimber for free and see which Klaimber is best for you: please ask for a personal demonstration.


Klaimber is a CE marked medical device suitable for different kinds of living & caretaking environments and uses.