Managing in daily life on your own

Kailamed’s first product, Klaimber, is a multifunctional chair – an ingeniously simple utility to a simple but surprising problem, for which a convenient, practical solution hasn’t been available:

How does a person with diminished or weakened physical abilities get up from the floor easily and fast?

Klaimber is an inventive solution that works without power. It can be used alone or with an assistant: getting up & seated from the floor happens with a gentle motion of the middle body. One of the many uses of Klaimber is supporting self-active, independent living at home.

For home 
and care givers

As a product, Klaimber is highly versatile and suitable for different environments and uses. Its simplistic furniture-like design helps it blend in with home furnishing as well as complement any healthcare facilities – and it can of course be used simply as a chair: it becomes a utility only when needed.

Klaimber is easy and fast to use. See the patented innovation in action.

Klaimber is easy and fast to use. See the patented innovation in action.

Who is Klaimber® for?

Klaimber is suitable for people who can sit unsupported, control their body’s sideways rocking motion and move onto the chair. You can try out Klaimber for free, please ask for a personal demonstration.

Klaimber is also useful for informal care givers and healthcare workers, who assist people in getting up from the floor. With Klaimber, you can lift people more ergonomically.