Klaimber won an international design award

Klaimber, a new and innovative assistive chair that works as a person lifting device, has won the prestigious Silver Award from the renowned international A’ Design Award and Competition. The annual Italian design competition is one of the world’s most influential events. Klaimber was awarded in the category of “Differently Abled and Seniors’ Assistance Design” that showcases the excellence in assistive products.

Furniture-like Klaimber is an assistive chair, which people with limited physical abilities can use for getting up from the floor, on their own without a helper. This enables independent living at home for example during senior years and it also helps home care providers in their work. Klaimber is a handy person lifting device also in homes for the elderly and in various care facilities, where it supports the demanding tasks of the caregiving personnel. As a product Klaimber advances the broader societal development, where bringing care home is in an ever-increasing focus.

Klaimber’s design breaks the common conceptions associated with assistive devices: even though Klaimber is an assistive product, it does not look like one. Its patented lifting mechanism – which works without electricity – is cleverly hidden within the chair’s construct. Home-friendly design makes Klaimber an assistive product that is meant to be kept on display as furniture, not hidden away in storage. When Klaimber is not used as an assistive product, it works as a regular chair. That is also why it is always ready for use when needed.

The wood and steel Klaimber is designed by Heikki Herranen, a Red Dot award winning Finnish designer. Heikki studied his Design Masters in Denmark, and the functional Scandinavian discipline is prominent in his work. The A’ Design Award highlights Klaimber’s novel and successful approach to an assistive device that is suitable for interior décor.

Klaimber is manufactured by Kailamed Oy. Klaimber is sold in Finland by Camp Mobility Oy and Apukauppa.fi

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