Klaimber Retail News

Our person lifting device Klaimber, designed to be a part of home furniture, which can be used without electricity or assisting person, has a new retailer in Finland. Apukauppa.fi is a market-leading online store for assistive products. Apukauppa complements Kailamed’s nationwide distributor Camp Mobility‘s sales channels. It is now easy for consumers to order Klaimber online with several payment options, including payments in instalments.

Entry to international markets

In addition to bringing Klaimber to the Finnish market, Kailamed has recently completed international product and customer pilots in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Japan. The pilots, conducted in co-operation with major foreign distributors, have given us insight into international markets across the world and pave Klaimber’s way to several world markets in 2021.

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Marko Kailasuo, CEO

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