Klaimber's patent has been granted and published

The patent for the multifunctional, innovative chair developed by Kailamed for lifting a fallen person up from the floor has been granted and published on February 15, 2019.

The patent’s coverage is extensive: it protects the method for generating the power to lift a person up in a way where the required power is generated from the user’s own body motion with no need for an external power source. The patent covers several different mechanical solutions for producing the uplift functionality and provides the basis for developing various human lifting devices to be used as personal aids and for other purposes. Kailamed has extended the patent’s intellectual property protection with an international PCT filing that offers priority coverage in 152 countries globally, which substantiates opportunities for licensing the invention.

Klaimber is based on a compact, optimized lifting mechanism designed and built by Kailamed’s CPO Mr. Heikki Alakontiola. The mechanism is small enough to fit inside the backrest of a chair, which gives many options for designing a furniture-like chair suitable for home use and for use in supported living & care facilities. 

Klaimber has attracted a lot of interest among major personal aid & utility distributors in Finland and across Europe. Kailamed is engaged in ongoing negotiations with two leading Swedish companies about the sale and distribution of Klaimber, and in March the product will be presented to potential British and French partners. Klaimber is a novel solution to the problems recognized in various situations where lifting people is necessary.

For example, Klaimber supports and assists the demanding tasks of care givers who work with elderly people. Klaimber also supports people with limited physical abilities to be able to live more independently and safely at home.

Kailamed is partly funded by Business Finland. Kailamed has also initiated its first capital funding round in February with Fiban’s investor network and other investors. Kailamed will use the capital for finalizing Klaimber for mass production and accelerating international sales.

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